If you are a first time visitor, please complete a visitor’s card, which can be found at the table located at the main entrance and the parking lot entrance on the south side of the building. If a visitor’s card was not completed upon your arrival, please see an usher to obtain one.

Park Avenue is a growing and glowing of the Lord Jesus Christ,where God is Worshipped, Christ Jesus is preached, and the Holy Spirit empowers. You are free and encouraged to express yourself as you worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Preaching and teaching is the main emphasis here at Park Avenue.


The deacons are servants of God under the pastor. The deacons seek to reach out to the members of Park Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. They are ordained and trained to assist the pastor. The term “deacon” means to minister or to serve.

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Gospel Singers

The Gospel Singers use their talent to praise the Lord. The male vocalist group have some powerful voices. They spread the word of God through their songs. They have become so popular, they have received numerous request to sing at other churches.

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General Choir

The general choir sings hymns, praise, and worship songs during church services. The music that is expressed through the voices of the members lifts spirits, warms hearts, and gives praises to our God in Heaven.

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Children’s Ministry

Teaching young believer to be obedient to God’s word and committed to Jesus Christ. A wonderful opportunity to learn about God and his love. Despite their age, the children realize they can have a servant’s heart and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Children’s Choir

One of the best ways to hide the word of God in the hearts of children are through song. They have the opportunity to serve the Lord through music.

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The ushers at Park Avenue Mission Baptist Church provide service to the church family and visitors by providing comfort, compassion, and order in the sanctuary.

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