“What a Mighty God we Serve.”

The Deacons under the chairmanship of S.V. Nichols provided leadership for the church from the passing of Rev. Moss in May 1986 until April 1987, when our current Pastor, Rev. L.E. Campbell, accepted the call to come to Park Avenue with his wife Ollie, and daughter Andrina. Pastor Campbell was officially installed on May 31, 1987 “Charge To The Pastor”  by his brother, Rev. Fred Campbell, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist, Church, Redwood City, CA. Installation message was delivered by Dr. J. P. Strong Moderator of the Providence Baptist Association and Pastor of the New Providence Baptist Church, of Los Angeles.

These critical times of change and transition brought numerous challenges to the Pastor, the other leaders and especially to the church membership. Some said that the completion of the church could not be done. But through faith in Christ, and by obeying leadership we proved this fact to be true; “We can do all things through Christ.”

After surveying the needs and status of the on-going projects, Pastor Campbell for the second note drive campaign in September 1980, with the capital gain of $250,000. As a result of the projects; successfulness and through negotiations by church leaders with the City of Riverside and the Planning Commissions, the church can now boast about the following significant accomplishments.

Special kudos must go out to Deacon David Ross for his leadership for his leadership role in both the on-site and off-site projects: Bro. Jesse Collins for his work with landscaping projecct both installation and daily maintenance: and Bro. Miles Thompkins and Bro. John C. Bariona for their work on the concrete projects. We will also be remiss if we forget to mention the late Jack B. Clarke Sr. Councilman of the Second ward, he indeed was an instrument in the hands of God for the building project.

In addition to his overall leadership in all these projects mentioned above, Pastor Campbell establish several new ministries and programs. They include, the board of Christian Education, the Children’s Youth, Young Adult, and Seniors’ Ministries. Also in honor of Sis. A.M. Simpson Choir, and three additional Sunday School were created.

Moreover, the church continues to remain active and viable in the California State Convention, where the church hosted the Congress Of Christian Education (July 11-15, 1988) and where Pastor L.E. Campbell served as President from 1991-1995. California State Convention, on October 16, 1995 presented the Convention Pre-Musical, we were honored to have some participation from some of our sister Churches, and our mother Church, the Second Baptist Church of Riverside.

In 1995 there were many more accomplishments. Just to name a few, computer for the Church, upgraded all outside doors, purchased a fax machine, room dividers. Purchased ‘baby grand’ piano for sanctuary , purchased riding lawnmower, installed addition incoming phone line to accommodate future technology.

1996 Education Wing divided into six classroom which a Toddler’s Room. Purchased 100 folding chairs, library opening and dedication, purchased computer and printer.

 The Lord Hath done great things for us; Whereof we are glad.

On-site improvements ( i.e. paving parking lot lights & striping ). The kitchen and dining hall.

1989 – The Landscaping.

1990 – The Joint agreement between the City of Riverside and the Church for Installment of the Property Wall.

1991 – The off-site projects entrance driveway, sidewalks, and widening of the street. Paid off the City of Riverside 11-year bond against the Church.

1992 – The grass and trees on site, installed marquee’ purchased new copier, installed canopy over South entrance, installed new water meter and office computer.

1993 – purchased Church Parsonage.

1994 – Paid off the remainder of the off-site, paid off second mortgage on parsonage, resurfaced and replace roof and termite fumigation.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Timothy 6:11

But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.